Traditional Winemaking and Bakery

Ballis - wine and rusks in Tinos

Tastes, scents and history of Tinos island in a unique environment on the slopes of Arnados village.

Vintage from native vines and pastries enhanced with selected local herbs. We are looking forward to your visit.


Tinian craft delicacies and wine.

Our History

First appearance


Arnados village appears in history, with a mention of the nearby monastery of Saint Nicolas of Vani. The earliest installations of the cellar are from that era.

building complex


The building complex was finalized, no new structures were built beyond that period.



Wine started to get stored and aged in the cellar.

wine cellar


The transformation of the complex to a wine cellar begins.

first bottle


Our very first bottle of wine was created and aged in the cellar.

the bakery


Rebuilding of the old wooden bakery and the fist tests for a unique crispbread have started.

Our village

Arnados village is located between the earth and the sky, on the slopes of Kehrovouni mountain. It is located higher than the most of the other settlements, glisten in the sun and overlooking Delos, Syros and Mykonos.In its picturesque streets with the medieval arches, colors of blue, white and silver blend and shape all the houses of the village. The church of Ascension, builded in the dawn of previous century stands in the middle of the central square and various small chapels scattered around, are used as landmarks for the streets. Among them the petite ‘Panaidaki’ chappel, where it’s foundation is lost in the mists of time, keeps the secrets of Arnados history from the late Byzantine era to our days. These secrets are stolen by the strong winds of Aegean sea and traverse the streets, the gates and the arches, carrying within them all the scents from our cellar.

Our Philosophy

We deliberately choose the simplicity in any form, being able to recognise and appreciate the beauty and the wealth that carries within it. This approach is an outcome of experience and wisdom and not an outcome of need. For that reason, values as the substantial human contact, the authenticity and the smile are the strong motives behind all our activities.