Since centuries, in the idyllic village of Arnados in Tinos Island,
the need for survival and the spirit of community
kept bringing the people together.
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This aspect of collectivity is reflected not only in the inhabitants,
but also in the street planing of the village,
with the houses build in the top of each-other with hidden passages and
secret doorways in order to provide safe escape from pirates and
pillagers that used to roam the islands at that time.
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Nowadays these practices became obsolete and
the charming labyrinthial architecture of Arnados village
has found another innovative uses.
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In the underground cellars of the settlement,
taking advantage of the ideal humidity and
temperature conditions, we choose to materialize
a dream we held for many decades.
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A traditional winery, with the goal of
providing its visitors and tasters a unique wine,
that brings down the barriers of the people and
turns them into one big group of friends, like the old days.
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A winery that reveals itself gradually and
literally expands year after year.
The old debris that the basements of the houses were filled with
during the centuries are being removed,
with the care and precision worthy of an archaeological excavation.
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New beneficial spaces are revealed and
new pathways are waiting to be explored…
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We are waiting for you to visit us and
tour the magical world of our winery!
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our wines