Tinos Experiences


Immerse yourselves in a time travel between history and tales that poetically accompany our village Arnados, the oldest medieval one in Tinos.

We are proudly offering two unique experiences taking place in our village, based on our bakery and winery but also in Tinean culture and originality.

Our experiences have temporarily suspended. We will keep you posted on resuming of operations.

Tour and wine tasting in Ballis Winery

Guided tour in our 670 y.o traditional winery. There we will explore its mazelike set of tunnels while we get to share with you details about the cellar’s history and vinification process. We will continue our discussion in the cellar’s terrace with a glass of our wine while enjoying the overwhelming view.

Exclusive Dinner in Ballis Bakery

We will prepare for you a Tinean home dining experience. That means local recipes, home cooked, with ingredients from Tinos. In addition, the dinner will be accompanied by our wine, bakery products and local varieties of cheese, herbs, and cold cuts.

The meal will be prepared before you and you will have the opportunity to be part of the process. The experienced cook will have an outline of the menu decided but the result will be a blending of your input and the original recipe.

The set-up of the final menu will be based to any dietary preferences or restrictions of our visitors.

Optionally, before or after the dinner you could enjoy a walk through our village and visit our winery.