The bakery was established in 2008,
after the renovation of an old abandoned traditional bakery.
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Built 200 years ago,
the bakery still utilizes wood for the baking of the rusks.
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We bake rusks and crisps in wood like the old years.
This traditional process delivers the best outcome, texture and flavor.
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Operating a traditional bakery is very challenging,
with the control of temperature being the most demanding task.
Although precision and years of experience needed,
we insist in its use and we firmly believe that
the final outcome compensates for all the effort
our products
All our products are produced with durum wheat and barley,
according to the old recipes. We offer a variety of rusk and crisp
etiquettes of 8 different products, combined with herbs
and ingredients of our land.
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Our goal is the old stone built bakery to continue delivering
the best quality products and the unique scent of the freshbaked bread
to overwhelm the narrow and beautiful streets of Arnados.
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